Central Herd Registration Scheme

Central Herd Registration Scheme

About Central Herd Registration Scheme

The Central Herd Registration Scheme (CHRS) is a program implemented by the government of India to register and keep records of all cattle in the country. The aim of the scheme is to improve breeding practices, increase the productivity of livestock, and provide information on disease outbreaks. Under the CHRS, each animal is given a unique identification number, and records are kept of their breed, age, sex, and other important information. The program is managed by the Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying, and Fisheries.

Objectives of the Central Herd Registration Scheme

  • To locate superior germplasm in the farm and Breeding tracts through milk recording and registration of Animals.
  • To introduce systematic recording in the breeding tracts.
  • To study the production records collected in the breeding tracts and organized cattle farms & lay down standards for selection.
  • To collect and publish the Production and breeding data of all registered animals for general guidance and inter-farm Inter-breeder exchange of Animals.
  • To regulate the sale/purchase and Import of cattle and buffaloes to ensure and enforce quality control.
  • To propagate and awaken consciousness amongst the breeders to improve their economics through Livestock improvement by Constant publicity and incentive and formation of Breeders Association.

Finally, the Central Herd Registration Scheme (CHRS) is a significant programme launched by the Indian government to increase livestock output and promote better breeding practices. The scheme’s goals of providing disease outbreak information, systematic recording in breeding tracts, and regulating the sale and acquisition of cattle and buffaloes are admirable. The CHRS supports inter-farm and inter-breeder animal exchange by collecting and disseminating production and breeding data for all registered animals, which can help to the overall improvement of livestock in the country. Overall, the CHRS is an essential effort that has the potential to considerably assist India’s livestock business.

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