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1st Incidence in Agriculture and Horticulture

  1. 1st Book in Horticulture – Fruit Growing India by B.Hayes(1945)- Litchi
  2. 1st President of Horticulture Society of India – G. S. Cheema
  3. 1st Indian Horticulture Congress held – 2004
  4. 1st Regional Fruit Research station in UP – Sharanpur
  5. 1st Truly Anti-coagulant Rodenticide – Warfarin
  6. 1st Indigenously developed fungicide – Contaf by Rallis
  7. 1st Folic acid is found in Spinach Leaves
  8. 1st Agricultural Chemist of ICAR – W.Leather
  9. 1st micronutrient discovered – Fe
  10. 1st Fertilizer used – Calcium Nitrate
  11. 1st ammonia plant was established in 1913 by Fritz Haber and Carp Bosch (Germany)
  12. 1st soilless cultivation introduced in Kalimpong, Darjeeling, West Bengal
  13. 1st crop raised in Hydroponics is Tomato cv. Pipo (1973)
  14. 1st Biosphere Reserve in India is Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve
  15. 1st Gene Sanctuary for conservation of Citrus Spp. Citrus Gene Sanctuary (NOKREK Biosphere Reserve)- Meghalaya
  16. 1st Haploid induction was developed by Guha and Mageshwari in 1966 – Datura innoxia
  17. 1st Successful embryo culture Cherry embryo (1993)
  18. 1st Molecular marker RFLP (1980)
  19. 1st concept of Genetic map was presented by Alfred H. Sturtevant 1913
  20. 1st Genetic map was published in 1911 by H.Morgan
  21. 1st Tagged QTL in plants: 2 (fruit wt in tomato)
  22. 1st Bacterial Genome Sequenced – Haemophilus influenza
  23. 1st Multicellular Organism Sequenced – Caenorhabditis elegans
  24. 1st Plant Sequenced – Arabidopsis thaliana
  25. 1st Crop Plant Sequenced – Rice
  26. 1st Non-Grassy Plant Sequenced – Banana
  27. 1st Sequenced fruit – Grapes
  28. 1st Genetic Engineering Company – GENETECH (1976)
  29. 1st Transgenic Plant – Tobacco in 1983 by Belgium Biotech Company
  30. 1st Transgenic Variety – “Flavr Savr’’ (Tomato) Calgene Company -> Enhanced Vase of life
  31. 1st Apple orchard is 1870 by Captain lee
  32. 1st HDP – Apple ->England 1960
  33. 1st Planted kiwi – Lal bagh , Bangalore
  34. 1st Mango Introduction to USA (1833) from Brazil
  35. 1st Consignment of Mango Cvs. export to Japan : Langra & chausa
  36. 1st The word “Mangifera” was used by Bontius in 1658
  37. 1st to Emphasize Importance of Floral characters in mango classification – Hartless 1913
  38. 1st to classify varieties based on Fruit characters, Panicle Axis colour, Pubescence on panicle and No. of
  39. Embryo in seeds – Popenoe(1932)
  40. 1st Initiated Inter-varietal Hybridization in mango – Burns and Prayag in 1911 at Poona
  41. 1st Observed Spongy tissue – G.S.Cheema & Dhani in 1934
  42. 1st Observed Internal Fruit Necrosis – Sant Ram in 1972
  43. 1st Observed Black Tip– Woodhouse in 1909
  44. 1st Observed Mango Malformation – Dharbanga, Bihar by maries in 1891
  45. 1st Country to exploit International Trade in cashew Kernals – India
  46. 1st Pineapple Hybrid in India – Amritha (Kew X Ripley Queen) by Pineapple Research Centre, KAU, Thrissur
  47. 1st Coined the term ‘’Papaya Ring Spot’’ by Jensen
  48. 1st reported Heterosis in papaya cross b/w- Philippines X Solo by Dai (1960)
  49. 1st Recorded PRSV (aphids)- Western India in 1958
  50. 1st Noticed PDSD in Avocado – Nirody in 1922
  51. 1st Reported PDSD in Avocado – Bregh in 1969
  52. 1st Processed Fruit in human civilization – Fig
  53. 1st fruit preserved by Drying – Fig
  54. 1st Plant cultivated, 1st Food of Man, 1st Fruit offered to Babies –Banana
  55. 1st Banana Breeding Work was Started in Imperial College of Agriculture Trinidad in 1922
  56. 1st Time Cv. Basrai introduced at GFE Station, Pune 1924
  57. 1st Reported “Stooling” method in 1954 in Guava
  58. 1st Research Station on Apple in 1917 – East Malling Research Station, Kent, England ; 2nd- The John Innes Centre of Merton , London
  59. 1st Wooly Aphid Resistant Variety – Merton-793
  60. 1st Apple Cultivar of known Parentage was Developed by A.Knight
  61. 1st Discovered Bacterial Disease of Plants Erwinia amylovora introduced from England in 1940
  62. 1st Commercial Self-fertile Variety of Sweet cherry – Stella
  63. 1st Fruit Crop Micro-propagation Studied – Strawberry
  64. 1st Systematic strawberry breeding project started in England in 1817 using cholonensis clones
  65. 1st Triploid variety of Loquat – Kibou
  66. 1st Reported Granulation in citrus in California
  67. 1st Reported Citrus Greening – India
  68. 1st Observed – Canker at Dehradun in 1831 from USA
  69. 1st Citrus Fruit Variety Patented – Ruby (Bud sport of Thompson and Deep Red Fleshed)
  70. 1st Time cultivation of Sapota in Maharashtra in 1898 in Gholwad village
  71. 1st Commodity in which grading and marketing rules was made – Grapes
  72. 1st Central Vegetable Breeding station – katrain, kullu valley , HP
  73. 1st Project Coordinator of Vegetable – Dr.Vishnu swarup
  74. 1st Project Director of IIVR – Dr.Gowtham kalloo
  75. 1st Mention of Hybrid seeds in seed catalogue – 1945, USA
  76. 1st F1 hybrid in Public sector: Pusa meghdoot, Pusa manjari 1971 by IARI
  77. 1st F1 hybrid released in 1973 : Tomato(Karnataka), Capsicum (Bharat) by IAHS,Bangalore
  78. 1st Report of hybrid vigor of chilli – 1933 from IARI by Deshpande
  79. 1st Use of polyethylene as a Greenhouse cover– 1948 by Emery Mayers Emmert
  80. 1st Rank in Grafted Vegetable Country – Japan(81%) followed by Korea (54%)
  81. 1st Reported SI- G.Koelreuter in Verbascum phoenicum
  82. 1st Discovered CGMS by Jonnes and Davis (1944)
  83. 1st Reported GCMS by Jonnes and Emsweller in onion Cv. Italian Red
  84. 1st F1 Hybrid in Celery using CMS : Green Giant (1982), Taki Seed Company, Japan
  85. 1st Employed Pure line selection by Johannsen :To improve seed weight in French Bean
  86. 1st to Produce Single Cross Hybrid in Maize : Shull and Double Cross by F.Jones
  87. 1st Reported Heterosis in Tomato by Hedrick and Booth in 1907
  88. 1st Report of Hybrid vigor in brinjal -Nagai and kida (1926)
  89. 1st Interspecific Hybrid b/w Sweet William and Carnation by Thomas Fairchild in 1717
  90. 1st Intergeneric Hybridization b/w Bread Wheat and Rye by Rimpu in 1890
  91. 1st Intergeneric Hybrid b/w Radish & Cabbage by Karpechenko in 1927 in Russia
  92. 1st Proposed “Ideotype” by Donald in 1968
  93. 1st coined “Homeostasis” by Lerner in 1954
  94. 1st suggested Use of Synthetic Hybrid in Commercial Cultivation in maize – Hayes and Garber in 1919
  95. 1st Discovered CMS in Onion – 1925 for Seed Production
  96. 1st Rank in Productivity of Garlic – Egypt
  97. 1st Indigenous variety of Leek – Palam Paushtik
  98. 1st time Reported Heterosis in carrot – Poole in 1937
  99. 1st Discovered Petaloid Cytoplasm known as Cornell Petaloid by Munger in 1953
  100. 1st Reported Petaloid Anther CMS in “Cornell Wild”
  101. 1st Reported Brown Anther CMS in “Tender Sweet” by Welch and Grimbell in 1947
  102. 1st Carrot fly Resistant Variety : Flyaway in 1993
  103. 1st Black Coloured Variety of Carrot India : Pusa Asita
  104. 1st Temperate Hybrid Developed Using CMS : Pusa Nayanjyoti- 1st Orange coloured temperate hybrid from public sector
  105. 1st Public Sector Hybrid Using CMS is : Pusa Vasudha
  106. 1st Genetically Improved Variety of EFY in the world is Sree Athira
  107. 1st Genetically Improved Variety of Taro – Sree Kiran
  108. 1st Reported SI in Cole Crops by Bateman(1954)
  109. 1st Cabbage Hybrid – Nagoka in Japan(1951)
  110. 1st CMS based F1 Hybrid in Cauliflower– KTH-27
  111. 1st Reported Male Sterility in Radish-Ogura 1968 in Japanese Radish Type
  112. 1st Purple Fleshed Radish Variety is Pusa Sagarika
  113. 1st Hybrid of Knol-khol : Roggli
  114. 1st Sequenced vegetable crop – Cucumber
  115. 1st Gynoecious line of Cucumber is- SU. 713-5 (Shogoin X Wisconsin SMR 18) developed by E.Peterson(1960)
  116. 1st Gynoecious Hybrid in cucumber :Pusa Sanyog in 1971
  117. 1st Tropical Cucumber Hybrid – Phule Prachi by MPKV, Rahuri
  118. 1st Extra Early Parthenocarpic variety of cucumber – pusa Seedless
  119. 1st True Mini Watermelon Cultivar : New Hampshire Midget Developed by A.F.Yeager
  120. 1st Fusarium Wilt Resistant Watermelon – Conquerer Developed by W.A.Orton
  121. 1st Horticultural Classification of Melons – Naudin(1859); Modified by Munger and Robinson (1991)
  122. 1st F1 Hybrid of Muskmelon– Punjab hybrid (MS-1 X Hara Madhu) in 1984-Resistant to PM
  123. 1st Muskmelon Variety Grown under Net-house in N.Indian Plains – Pusa Sarda
  124. 1st Early Maturing variety of Round melon – Pusa Raunak
  125. 1st Early Maturing variety of Long melon – Pusa Utkarsh
  126. 1st Hybrid of Pointed Gourd – CHES Hybrid-1(Resistant to Fruit Fly)
  127. 1st Improved Variety of Ash Gourd – Pusa Ujjwal(Petha Preparation)
  128. 1st Inter-varietal Hybrid of Greater Yam – Shree Shilpa
  129. 1st Coleus Variety Grown in Kerala – Shree Dhara
  130. 1st Report of Enation Leaf Curl Virus(Vector : White Fly) – IIHR
  131. 1st Machine-Harvestable Tomato cultivar was developed by C.Hanna
  132. 1st Male sterility in tomato was reported by M.Rick
  133. 1st Tomato Resistant Pan America
  134. 1st Triple disease resistant variety of Tomato – Arka Rakshak
  135. 1st Hybrid of Tomato available cultivation in 1973
  136. 1st Root Knot Nematode Resistant variety of Tomato: Sel-120
  137. 1st Report of Heterosis in Brinjal : Kakisaki (1931)
  138. 1st Male Sterility in Brinjal : Jasmin (1954)
  139. 1st Functional Male Sterile Line in Brinjal: UGA1-MS (Cv. Florida High Bush), Pathak and Jaworski (1989)
  140. 1st Reported Little Leaf of Brinjal : Thomas and Krishnaswamy
  141. 1st Discovered CMS in Chilli by Peterson in PI164835
  142. 1st President of Central Potato Research Institute – Dr. S.Ramanujan
  143. 1st International Flower Auction Centre was launched in Bangalore
  144. 1st Rank Foliage Plant in Global Market- Dieffenbachia
  145. 1st Rank Cut Flower in Global Market – Rose
  146. 1st Rank Pot Plant in Global Market – Hedera
  147. 1st Rank Dry Flower in Global Market – Helichrysum
  148. 1st Rank Cut Green in Global Market – Asparagus
  149. 1st Hybrid in Ornamentals : “Primma Donna” in Begonia semperflorens in 1909 by Benery Seed Company, Germany
  150. 1st Evidence of Ornamental Tree, The pipal (Ficus rugosa) comes from Mohan-Jo-Daro
  151. 1st World (world’s 1st) Vertica Forest – Bosco Verticale in Milan
  152. 1st Islamic garden in India was Developed by Feros shah
  153. 1st Mughal garden was developed by Baber at Agra Called “Ram Bagh”
  154. 1st Tomb garden made in India : Humayun’s Tomb
  155. 1st Garden made by Akbar : Fatehpur Sikri (Agra); 2nd at Sikandra (Agra)
  156. 1st Botanical garden in Tropics was at Pamplemousses at Mauritius(1735); 2nd Kolkata botanical garden (1787) (Note: Both gardens are Informal Type (i.e) English garden style)
  157. 1st Botanical Garden in world was at Padua, Venice, Italy in 1543
  158. 1st Professional floral designer’s : Greek
  159. 1st Century A.D Topiary was started
  160. 1st Bio-Aesthetically planned City : Chandigarh
  161. 1st Reference of Rose Perfume : “Charaka Samhita”
  162. 1st Bonsai Garden : Kamala Nehru Park
  163. 1st Colchicine Induced Tetraploid synthetic species of Day lily is Hamerocallis washingtonia
  164. 1st Imported Anthuriums are Pastel Coloured
  165. 1st widely cultivated Anthurium Pot Plant : Anthurium scherzerianum
  166. 1st Chrysanthemum known to USA – “Dark Purple” Imported by a Scientist John Stevens in 1798
  167. 1st African Marigold Variety : Climax and Toreador
  168. 1st Introduction of Dahlia in 1857 by Agri-Horticultural Society of India,Kolkata
  169. 1st Gerbera was discovered by Jemson in South Africa in the year 1878
  170. 1st Flower grown in space : Zinnia
  171. 1st cultivar of Carnation : Souvenir La Malmaison in 1857
  172. 1st Indian company to grow carnations in International standards – FEROZE and also to be registered at VBA
  173. 1st GM floriculture crop having Violet Blue colour variety – Moonlight(carnation)
  174. 1st person to grow gladiolus in India : Charles Gray
  175. 1st fragrant variety of gladiolus : Lucky Star (2n=40;Bigeneric)
  176. 1st smoky variety of gladiolus : Prince of India
  177. 1st chemical used to break corm dormancy: Ethylene Chlorohydrin by Denny(1938)
  178. 1st In vitro propagation of gladiolus : Ziv et al., (1970)
  179. 1st species of Bougainvillea introduced in India : spectabilis
  180. 1st Bougainvillea variety by S. Persy Lancaster in India : Scarlet Queen (1920)
  181. 1st Orchid Bletia purpurea(1731) was grown by Peter Collinson
  182. 1st Artificial hybrid of Orchid Calanthe domini (C.mausacata x C.frucata) by J.Dominy (1852)
  183. 1st Ornamental Orchid : Cypripedium reginae
  184. 1st Bigeneric hybrid of Orchid : Phaius gradiflorus X Calanthe vesita
  185. 1st Sexageneric hybrid of Orchid : ‘Brilliendeara Gary’ registered in 1982
  186. 1st Meristem tip culture in Orchid is Cymbidium Sp. by Morel (1960)
  187. 1st Tissue culture in Orchids was done by ‘Morel’
  188. 1st Tissue culture laboratory for Orchids by V.Thomas in 1984
  189. 1st hybrid of Snapdragon(Antirrhinum majus) – Christmus Cheer
  190. 1st consignment of Rose was sent by IARI to Paris, Rotterdam and Furkfurt in 1959
  191. 1st World’s (World’s 1st) blue rose : Applause
  192. 1st HT Rose : La France by Gulliot (1867)
  193. 1st HT Yellow Rose : Soleild
  194. 1st Hybrid Perpetual: Princess Helene
  195. 1st Floribunda : Rodhatte by Poulsen (1912)
  196. 1st Grandiflora : Buccaneer (1952)
  197. 1st Polyantha : La paquerette (1875)
  198. 1st Rose variety by Dr.B.P.Pal is Sherbet
  199. 1st Indian Rose breeder who raised Dr.S.D.Mukherjee in 1935 by B.K.Roy Choudhary
  200. 1st Climate controlled green houses established in India by Indo-American Hybrid Seed Company in 1965
  201. 1st Chief scientific officer of UPASI(valparai) – Dr. W.S.Shaw
  202. 1st Tea Research Station : Jorhat (1904)
  203. 1st Rank in Tea production : China
  204. 1st Report on Hybrid vigor or Heterosis in Coconut : H.Patel in 1937
  205. 1st observed Coconut root wilt in 1882
  206. 1st appeared Tatipaka disease of Coconut in Tatipaka village of East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh in 1949
  207. 1st Dwarf Tenera(Dura x Pisifera) from Nigerian germplasm collection: Indian Dwarf
  208. 1st Industrial park for rubber and rubber wood based industries : Kerala
  209. 1st Fortified tea with vitamin A,B2,Niacin : “Brooke Bond A1” by Hindustan Lever Limited
  210. 1st Consignment of Assam was sent to London in 1839
  211. 1st Auction centre of tea in India- Kolkata in 1861
  212. 1st World (World’s 1st) Tea Company : The Assam Company
  213. 1st step of tea processing is ‘withering’
  214. 1st Pepper research scheme was initiated by of Madras at Panniyur
  215. 1st AGMARK specification formulated for Curry powder in 1956
  216. 1st Spice park in India – Chhindwara, M.P
  217. 1st Fruit product research laboratory in India : Kodur
  218. 1st Fruit &Vegetable Processing Industry in India : Mumbai (1935)
  219. 1st Fruit Preservation & Canning Institute : Lucknow (1949)
  220. 1st carotenoid pigment was found in Carrot
  221. 1st Bioagent for controlling Post Harvest Diseases : Bacillus subtillis
  222. 1st Commercial flexible film : Cellophane
  223. 1st Synthetic colour : Coaltar
  224. 1st Fruit harvested by machine : Cranberry
  225. 1st British Patent on canning of foods in tin container was received by Peter Durand in 1810
  226. 1st Fruit &Vegetable processing started in 1857
  227. 1st Explained cause of spoilage of stored food – Needham(1749)
  228. 1st to describe canning method : Saddington(1807)
  229. 1st Described Hypobaric storage by Burg and Burg (1966)
  230. 1st Rank state under Drip Irrigation: Andhra Pradesh (2017)
  231. 1st Rank state under Sprinkler Irrigation: Rajasthan (2017)
  232. 1st Rank in Milk Production: India
  233. 1st Rank state under Irrigation Coverage % – Punjab (98.7%)
  234. 1st Rank state under Cropping Intensity % – Punjab (190.8%)
  235. 1st Rank state under Fertilizer use – Punjab (249kg/ha)
  236. 1st Rank state under Credit – 2,18,339 Rs/ha
  237. 1st Rank state under Land holding – Nagaland (5.06/ha)
  238. 1st Rank state under AMFFRI – Maharastra
  239. 1st Indigenous bred Bio-fortified for beta carotene variety Pusa Betakesari developed by IARI
  240. 1st Rank state under rice production: West Bengal
  241. 1st International Okra Workshop at NBPGR, Newdelhi 1990
  242. 1st To develop Heat tolerant cabbages by Japanese Breeders varieties (i.e) KK cross & KY cross – popular in SE Asia
  243. 1st YVMV tolerant variety : Pusa Sawani
  244. 1st Improved varieties of Potato started releasing from the year 1958 (i.e.,)Kufri kishan, K.kuber,K.Kumar
  245. 1st In vitro culture of Pepper : Smith & Heiser (1957)
  246. 1st DG of ICAR : P. Pal (He initiated AICRP’s)
  247. 1st Director of IARI : B.Vishwanath
  248. 1st Inter-specific hybrid of cotton is Varalaxmi cross b/w hirsutum X G.barbadence – released from
  249. UAS,Dharwad
  250. 1st Hybrid of hirsutum – Maru vikas/raj in Rajasthan
  251. 1st AICRP – Maize (1957)
  252. 1st NRC-Groundnut Junagarh, Gujarat
  253. 1st Agricultural University in India – G.B.Pant,Pantnagar, Uttarakhand (On the pattern of Land Grant system of USA)
  254. 1st KVK was started : Pondicherry (1974) – Recommendation of Mohan Singh Mehta
  255. 1st Chairman of National Commission on Farmers – M.S.Swaminathan
  256. 1st position in Transgenic Plants : USA
  257. 1st Hybrid Rice developed by China (Prof. Long PingYuan) in 1974
  258. 1st Mustard hybrid NRC-HB-506 by DRMR (Directorate of Rapeseed and Mustard Research, Bharatpur,Rajasthan)
  259. 1st Rice variety introduced in India is TN-1 (1964-65)
  260. 1st man made cereal : Triticale
  261. 1st product of Urea hydrolysis : Ammonium Carbamate
  262. 1st weed biologically controlled : Lantana Camara
  263. 1st country to develop Pearl millet hybrid – (HB-1(Tift-23A x Bil 3B)from Ludhiana in 1965)- India
  264. 1st Rank in sugar production and consumption-India
  265. 1st Indian Rice variety – Jaya (TN-1 X Type 141) developed by Dr.shastry
  266. 1st time the words “Weeds”& “Zero tillage” used by Jethro tull
  267. 1st person to attempt “climate: based on vegetation” – De candolle(1900 A.D)
  268. 1st High yielding dwarf variety developed in the world is IR-8(Dee-Gee-Woo-Gen X Peta) by IRRI in 1966
  269. 1st hybrid basmati in the world – PRH-10
  270. 1st hybrid rice variety in India – CORH-1
  271. 1st reported Khaira disease in rice (nursery stage)- L. Nene in 1966 at Pantnagar, Uttarkhand
  272. 1st time wheat introduced in India by Norman Ernst Borlaug(Mexico)
  273. 1st time in India four double cross hybrid was released (i.e.,) Ganga-1,Ganga-101,Deccan and Ranjeet
  274. 1st Male sterile line of Pearl Millet is Tift-23A
  275. 1st Inter-specific hybridization in bajra – Pusa Napier-1 (P. purpureum X P. glauccum)
  276. 1st Sorghum hybrid- CSH-1
  277. 1st Spinning variety of Egyptian cotton (G.barbadence) – Sujata
  278. 1st Commercial cotton hybrid (Intra hirsutum) –H-4(G -67 X American Nectorless) by C.T.Patel of GAU, Surat in 1970
  279. 1st Variety of Mustard developed by L.Chopra, biotechnological somatic hybridization Pusa Jai Kisan
  280. 1st Tobacco variety in India is GTH-1
  281. 1st report on Congress Grass( Parthenium hysterophorus) in pune it was Controlled by Zygrogamma biocolorata introduced in 1983 from Mexico
  282. 1st Irrigation of crop is known as “Kor watering”; Depth applied in 1st watering is known as “Kor Depth”
  283. 1st manufactured fertilizer in India is SSP
  284. 1st country to introduce Zero tillage is USA
  285. 1st Antibiotic Penicillin was discovered by Alexander Flemming in 1929
  286. 1st stage of water erosion is Splash
  287. 1st stage of movement of soil particles in series of jump is known as Saltation
  288. 1st seedless mango variety in the world Sindhu (Ratna X Alphanso)
  289. 1st dwarf pea variety : Aparna/HFP-4
  290. 1st development of photostable pyrethroid – Permethrin
  291. 1st Discovered pulse beetle : China
  292. 1st Microscope was developed by Anton van leeuwen hoek (1675) – Father of Microbiology
  293. 1st Bacterial etiology of anthrax disease discovered by Robert Koch (1876)
  294. 1st report on Double stranded DNA in Cauliflower Mosaic Virus – Sheperd et al.,(1968)
  295. 1st Scientist collected and identified fungi in India R.Kritikar
  296. 1st discovery of Copper sulphate by prevost in 1807 used against bunt of wheat
  297. 1st systemic fungicide Carboxin was developed by Van Schmeing and Kulka in 1966
  298. 1st Solar energy treatment to control loose smut of wheat developed by Luthra & Sattar in 1934
  299. 1st Journal of Nematology in the world is Nematologia
  300. 1st Experimented CS-2 for control of sugar beet cyst nematode is Kuhn
  301. 1st report on virus transmission by nematode (Xiphinema index) transmission of grape fan leaf viral disease in USA by Hewitt, Raskhi & Goheen
  302. 1st reported PPN RKN infesting in tea in Kerala by Barber
  303. 1st time Indian Journal of Nematology Published in 1971
  304. 1st report Ear cockle nematode : T.Needham,1743
  305. 1st Report of Golden Cyst Nematode (Globodera rostrochinensis) in India by FGW Jones in 1961 from Nilgiri
  306. hills, Tamil Nadu
  307. 1st nematode reported to cause damage on mushroom Ditylenchus myceliophagus
  308. 1st time Ribosome was reported by palade(1953)
  309. 1st RNA was synthesized by Ochoa in 1969
  310. 1st mutation was defined by Hugi De varies
  311. 1st described Mitotic cell division by van Beneden in 1883 in Round worm
  312. 1st described Chromosome by Strausberger in 1875
  313. 1st term Chromosome was used by Waldeyer in 1888
  314. 1st case of Cytoplasmic Inheritance– Four O clock plant (Mirablis jalaba) was reported by Correns in 1909
  315. 1st stable product in Calvin Cycle is PGA
  316. 1st & common stage in respiration is called as Glycolysis or EMP pathway
  317. 1st step of summarizing data is classification
  318. 1st central moment is always Zero
  319. 1st used the term Regression by Francis Galton
  320. 1st Chi-square test was used by Karl Pearson (1900)
  321. 1st In vitro fertilized Buffalo calf is Pratham
  322. 1st year canes of blackberry is called as primocanes
  323. 1st formal citrus breeding programme was started by USDA in Florida in 1893
  324. 1st Indication regarding the presence of citrus in china by the book ‘Tribute of Yu’
  325. 1st description of Citron with the name of ‘Kuo han’
  326. 1st Citrus fruit known to Europeans is Citron
  327. 1st literacy mention of lemon as well as sour orange in Arabian language is ‘The Book of Nabatian Agricuture’
  328. 1st description of sour orange was given by Albertus Marginus(1193-1280)
  329. 1st European country to grow the small loose skinned mandarin was England
  330. 1st time the pummelo was described in Jamaica by Sloane (1696)
  331. 1st The fruit was mentioned time by Griffith Hughes in his The Natural History of Barbados (1750); he writes of a forbidden fruit.
  332. 1st descriptions and classifications of citrus species and varieties date back to the 17th century
  333. 1st the word ‘’Watermelon” appeared in the dictionary in early 1600s
  334. 1st seedless watermelon developed by Kihara (1951)
  335. 1st time the word “Heterosis” was used by Shull in 1914
  336. 1st Single seed decent method was proposed by Goulden
  337. 1st Technique to detect the polymorphism at DNA sequence level is RFLP
  338. 1st World’s pepper hybrid Panniyur-1 (Uthirankotta X Cheriyakaniakkadan) in 1971
  339. 1st introduction of rubber from Brazil in 1873
  340. 1st introduction of cinchona from Peru into Nilgiris hills in 1860
  341. 1st introduction of coffee into India by Muslims in 1700
  342. 1st apomixis discovered by Leuwenhock in 1719
  343. 1st cocoa was brought to India in 1798
  344. 1st introduction of cashew from Portuguese in 16th century
  345. 1st germplasm collection of oil palm was established at Nigerian Institute of Oil-Palm Research(NIOPR) during 1961-1964
  346. 1st betel vine variety released by TNAU is SGM-1
  347. 1st commercial production of contraceptive pills –Diosgenin from Dioscorea
  348. 1st commercial level production of plantlets in spice crops was achieved in Cardamom
  349. 1st largest seed spice is Corriander
  350. 1st wilt resistant variety of cumin is Gujarat cumin-1
  351. 1st cultivated food plant in France is celery in 1623
  352. 1st Quality vanilla is Bourbon like vanilla : Mexican vanilla
  353. 1st time Vanillin (C8H8O3) was isolated by Globley
  354. 1st grade of saffron is called Shahi saffron
  355. 1st viroid disease is Spindle tuber disease of potato
  356. 1st Nitrate fertilizer Sodium Nitrate
  357. 1st mention of potato in India in 1615 A.D
  358. 1st time rice transplanting in ancient literature is Kashyapa
  359. 1st use of Bordeaux mixture (Copper sulphate + lime) in France by Millardet in 1882
  360. 1st King who encouraged Arboriculture is King Asoka
  361. 1st Botanist adopted Linnaeus system of binomial nomenclature – Roxburgh
  362. 1st medicinal plant mentioned in ancient tamil literature is Margosa or Neem
  363. 1st ARS was started in the year 1973 & M.S.Swaminathan is the first director general secretary of the Govt. of India
  364. 1st plum cultivar comes in market – Titron
  365. 1st Temperate fruit crop comes to market – Cherry
  366. 1st fruit preserved by canning – Pineapple
  367. 1st Tea was introduced by – Robert kyd
  368. 1st Transgenic fruit crop – Walnut
  369. 1st Successful Transgenic fruit crop – Pear
  370. 1st Successful Transgenic fruit crop being commercially used – Papaya
  371. 1st Transgenic variety of papaya – Rainbow
  372. 1st Agricultural commodity exported from India – Grapes
  373. 1st Hybrid in mango- Prabha Shankar(1946)
  374. 1st Hybrid in mango by IARI – Mallika(1971)
  375. 1st Domesticated fruit – Fig
  376. 1st variety of Litchi – Swarna Roopa
  377. 1st Citrus granulation was seen by Bartholomew in 1934
  378. 1st Auxin was discovered by F. W. Went in 1926
  379. 1st Fruit artificially pollinated : Date Palm
  380. 1st Country in the consumption of vegetable is Greece 377kg
  381. 1st Apple scab resistant variety – Prima
  382. 1st time Penetrometer was used for determination of fruit firmness is Peach
  383. 1st Agricultural minister of independent India : Rajendra Prasad

Compiled by Velavan M, M.sc (Ag.,) Horticulture

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