Growth and Development of Horticultural Crops BSc Horticulture PDF Download

Growth and Development of Horticultural Crops

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Download the free BSc Horticulture ICAR E-Course PDF notes of Growth and Development of Horticultural Crops with content index.

Content Index of BSc Horticulture Growth and Development of Horticultural Crops pdf e-course. BSc Horticulture Notes PDF.

  1. Growth
  2. Growth Factors and Growth Correlation
  3. Growth Analysis
  4. Plant Growth Hormones
  5. Mechanism of Abscission and Senescence of Leaves
  6. Flowering: Floral Development, factors affecting flowering
  7. Physiology of flowering in plants
  8. Photoperiodic Induction and Floral Harmone
  9. Vernalization
  10. Physiology Basis of Training and Pruning
  11. Source and Sink Relationship
  12. Regulation of Fruit Set and Development
  13. Physiology of Fruit Ripening- Climacteric and Non-Climacteric Fruits- Hormonal Influence
  14. Physiology of Seed Development and Maturation
  15. Dormancy of Seeds and Buds and Germination
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