Water Management in Horticultural Crops BSc Horticulture PDF Notes Download

Water Management in Horticultural Crops BSc Horticulture PDF Notes

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Download the free BSc Horticulture ICAR E-Course PDF notes of Water Management in Horticultural Crops with content index. Download the pdf of Water Management in Horticultural Crops e Krishi Shiksha.

Content Index of BSc Horticulture Water Management in Horticultural Crops pdf e-course.

  1. Water – the base for life. Functions described. Water resources of India and the region
  2. Present-day water requirement for man, agriculture, and horticulture. Rainfall variability – Increasing demand with unchanging supply
  3. Role of water in plant growth – Optimum, excess, and shortfall in water availability, Soil water relations – available and unavailable concept
  4. Soil type, depth, and water holding capacity – Rooting characteristics and moisture extraction patterns
  5. Water requirement of crops. Lysimetry in assessing water requirement. Annual, biennial, and perennial crops. PET and AET applications in water and irrigation requirements
  6. Climatological approach for estimating water requirement. Use of pan evaporimeter, Pan Factor, and Crop factor. The factor for different
    growth stages
  7. Critical stages of crop growth – Water stress sensitivity stages, methods to overcome
  8. Scheduling of irrigation – Different approaches in scheduling – Scheduling for different crops and methods of irrigation
  9. Climatological approach – atmospheric demand – factors affecting ET– The concept of IW/CPE ratio in scheduling irrigation
  10. Methods of irrigation – Surface and Subsurface methods – suitability to crops – minimizing conveyance losses
  11. Pressurized methods – Sprinkler method and suitability for the crop, soil, topography, and climate -Merits and demerits
  12. Drip irrigation – Suitability for the crop, soil, topography, and climate
  13. Concept of fertigation -fertilizers and instruments – time of application -advantages
  14. WUE – Factors affecting – Methods to improve economic use of water for irrigation – Water use for maximum profit of garden/orchard Ecosystem
  15. Water and irrigation management for different crops and soils. Water management for problem soils
  16. Lay out of irrigation systems – Comparison of costs

Download the Water Management in Horticultural Crops ICAR e Krishi Shiksha pdf for BSc Horticulture Ist Year.

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