Plant Propagation and Nursery Management BSc Horticulture PDF Download

Plant Propagation and Nursery Management

ICAR E-Course Horticulture

Download the free BSc Horticulture ICAR E-Course PDF notes of Plant Propagation and Nursery Management with content index.

Content Index of BSc Horticulture Plant Propagation and Nursery Management pdf e-course.

  1. Propagation-need and potentialities, sexual and asexual methods of propagation and their advantages and disadvantages
  2. Seed Dormancy: Causes and Types
  3. Seed Dormancy: Methods of breaking seed dormancy
  4. Polyembryony, apomixis, chimeras, and bud-sports
  5. Vegetative Propagation methods
  6. Physiology & Biochemical basis of Rooting
  7. Grafting techniques
  8. Budding techniques
  9. Factors influencing Rooting of Cutting and Layering
  10. Graft Incompatibility
  11. Plant Propagation Structures
  12. Plant Growth Regulators
  13. Micropropagation techniques
  14. Specialized Vegetative Structures
  15. Orchard management
  16. Nursery tools and Implements
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