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Attention all Agriculture students! Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) provides notes for B.Sc. Agriculture students as reference material for their studies. These notes cover various topics in the field of agriculture, including crop production, soil science, plant pathology, entomology, agricultural engineering, and more.

Are you in search of TNAU PDF Notes to aid in your studies? Look no further!

The TNAU e-courses are comprehensive and include detailed explanations of the concepts, diagrams, and examples to help students understand the material better.

These TNAU PDF Notes can be used as a supplement to classroom lectures and can aid in self-study. They are also available in digital format, which makes it easy for students to access them anytime and anywhere.

TNAU Study Materials is an excellent resource for B.Sc Agriculture students to enhance their knowledge and excel in their studies.

About Tamilnadu Agricultural University (TNAU)

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) is a state-funded agricultural university located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. It was established in 1971 with the main objective of providing education, research, and extension in the field of agriculture and allied sciences.


If you’re a student of B.Sc. Agriculture, you know the importance of having access to quality study materials for B.Sc. Agriculture. And one of the best study materials for B.Sc. Agriculture you can find TNAU Study Material PDF Notes. These notes are provided by the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) and cover various topics in the field of agriculture. In this blog post, Agriculture Students can download the TNAU PDF Free Notes.

1. TNAU Agronomy PDF Notes

Agricultural Heritage of India and Fundamentals of Agronomy – AGR 101

Agricultural Heritage of India – AGR 102

Introductory Agro-meteorology & Climate Change – AGR 103

Fundamental of Agro-Meteorology

Principles of Weed Science Irrigation Management & Dry Farming – AGR 201

Weed Management – AGR 301

A Guide to Irrigation Management

Agronomy of Field Crops – l

Agronomy of Field Crops – ll

Organic Farming AGR - 401

Soil Conservation & Irrigation Engineering SWC-311

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2. TNAU Animal Husbandry PDF Notes

Fundamentals of Livestock & Poultry Production | Practical Manual - AMP 101 |

Fundamentals of Livestock & Poultry Production | Theory

3. TNAU Biotechnology PDF Notes

Plant Bio-Technology – ABT 301

4. TNAU Statistics & Computer Science PDF Notes

Introduction to Computer Technology – COM 101

Statistical Methods – STA 211

5. TNAU Crop Physiology PDF Notes

Principles of Plant Physiology – CRP 101

 Crop Physiology – Principles & Applications 

Physiological Techniques in Crop Production – CRP 351

6. TNAU Economics PDF Notes

Fundamentals of Agricultural Economics - AEC 102

Farm Management Economics - AEC 201

Agricultural Marketing Trade & Prices - AEC 301

Natural Resource Management and Agricultural Development - AEC 301 

Agricultural Marketing, Co - Operation and Finanace - AEC 302 

Agricultural Business Management - AEC 401

Agricultural Finance, Banking and Co-operation - AEC 401

7. TNAU Agricultural Engineering PDF Notes

Farm Machinery and Power – FMP 211

Soil Conservation and Irrigation Engineering - SWC 311

8. TNAU Agricultural Entomology PDF Notes

Applied Entomology - AEN 201

Principles of Applied Entomology – AEN 201

Fundamental of Entomology – AEN 101

Pest Management in Field Crops – AEN 301

Sericulture Technology SER-401

Commercial Production of Biocontrol Agents Practical AEN-321

Commercial Production of Biocontrol Agents Practical IInd AEN-321

9. TNAU Environmental Studies & Disaster Management PDF Notes

Environmental Studies & Disaster Management - ENS 101 & 201

Environmental Science and Agroecology - ENS 301 and 401

Climate Change and Disaster Management - ENS 401

10. TNAU Agricultural Extension Education PDF Notes

Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology - AEX 101

Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology 2 - AEX 101

Extension Education and Rural Development Management - AEX 301

Communication and Information Management Techniques 1 - AEX 402

Communication and Information Management Techniques 2 - AEX 402

Communication and Information Management Techniques 3 - AEX 402

11. TNAU Horticulture PDF Notes

Fundamentals of Horticulture – HOR 111

Fundamentals of Horticulture (Practical Manual) HOR 111

Production Technology of Fruits, Spices, and Plantation Crops – HOR 211

Production and Postharvest Management of Fruit Crops – HOR 311 (Practical)

Vegetable Production – HOR 312

Floriculture Spices and Plantation Crops (Theory) – HOR 411

Floriculture Spices and Plantation Crops (Practical) – HOR 411

Production Technology of Flowers, Medicinal and Aromatic Crops Revised – HOR 411

Post-Harvest Management of Horticultural Produce – FSC 401

Production Technology of Flowers, Medicinal and Aromatic Crops (Practical) – HOR 411

Food Safety and Quality Control for Horticultural Products - FSN 421

12. TNAU Plant Breeding PDF Notes

Genetics and Cytogenetics - PBG 201

Principles and Methods of Plant Breeding - AGB 301

Principles and Methods of Plant Breeding Notes 2 - AGB 301

Principles and Methods of Plant Breeding Notes 3 - AGB 301

Principles and Methods of Plant Breeding (Practical Manual) - AGB 301

Breeding Field Crops - AGB 401

Fundamentals Crop Botany - PBG 101

Fundamentals Crop Botany Notes 2 - PBG 101

Fundamentals Crop Botany Notes 3 - PBG 101

Fundamentals Crop Botany (Practical Manual) - PBG 101

Genetics and Cytogenetics - AGB 201

Methods of Plant Breeding - PBG 202

Methods of Plant Breeding (Practical Manual) - PBG 202

Plant Genetic Resources Collection Conservation (Optional Course) - PGP 451

Intellectual Property Rights in Agribusiness Management - TIP 401

Intellectual Property Rights and Applications in Biotechnology - TIP 451

13. TNAU Plant Pathology PDF Notes

Fundamentals of Plant Pathology - PAT 101

Fundamentals of Microbiology - AGM 101

Applied Plant Pathology - PAT 201

Principles of Crop Disease Management - PAT 201

Diseases of Field Crops - PAT 301

Agricultural Nematology - ANM 301

Diseases of Horticulture Crops and Mushroom Cultivation - PAT 401

Biocontrol Agents for Crop Diseases - PAT421

Commercial Production of Nematode Antagonistic Bio-Agents - NEM 451

14. TNAU Plant Tissue Culture PDF Notes

Plant Tissue Culture Notes - 1

Plant Tissue Culture Notes - 2

Glossary of Plant Tissue Culture Notes

15. TNAU Seed Technology PDF Notes

Seed Production and Quality Control in Agricultural Crops – SST 401

Commercial Hybrid Seed Production - SST 421

Seed Entrepreneurship Skill Development and Management - SST 451

15. TNAU Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry PDF Notes

Fundamentals of Soil Science - SAC 101

Fundamentals of Biochemistry - BIC 101

Introduction to Agricultural Chemistry SAC - 102

Problematic Soils and Their Management 1 - SAC 202

Problematic Soils and Their Management 2 - SAC 202

Natural Resource Management - AEC 301

Soil Fertility, Fertilizers and Manures - SAC 301

Designer Fertilizer Production - SAC 351

Soilless Crop Production - SAC 353

Crop and Pesticide Chemistry - SAC 355

On Farm Advisory for Soil Health, Water Quality and Plant Nutrition - EXP 401

Designer Fertilizer Production (Optional Course) - SAC 451

Rejuvenation of Deteriorated Lands - SAC 452

Soil Less Crop Production - SAC 453

Instrumental Methods of Analysis (Optional Course) - SAC 454

TNAU study material can be an important resource for the students pursuing a B.Sc degree in agriculture at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University or any agricultural university/college. These notes help the students to get a deeper understanding of the key concepts and help them prepare better for the examinations.

We tried our best to provide TNAU PDF Notes in this blog. I hope you got all TNAU Notes in this blog. If any TNAU Study Material PDF is missing, candidates should also visit the official website of TNAU. Thank You 🙂

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