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Agriculture Related Revolutions in India

Agricultural Revolutions list is mentioned below:


Related to

Founder / Father

Evergreen Revolution

Overall development of Agriculture

Yellow Revolution

Oil Seeds production

Sam Pitroda

- White Revolution
- Operation Flood

Milk/Dairy production

Dr. Verghese Kurien

Silver Revolution

Egg/Poultry Production

Indira Gandhi

Silver Fiber Revolution

Cotton  Production

Round Revolution

Potato Production

Red Revolution

- Meat Production
- Tomato Production

Vishwal Tewari

Pink Revolution

- Onion production

- Pharmaceutical (India) Production

- Prawn Production

Durgesh Patel

Grey Revolution

Fertilizer Production

Green Grass-Root Revolution

SRI Rice

Green Revolution

Food grains Production

- Norman E .Borlaug
- M.S. Swaminathan (India)

Golden Revolution

- Fruit production

- Overall Horticulture development

Nirpakh Tutej

Golden Fibre Revolution

Jute Production

Brown Revolution

- Leather/non-conventional (India) Production

- Cocoa Production

Blue Revolution

Fish Production

Dr. Hiralal Chaudhary

Black Revolution

Petroleum Production

Parbhani Revolution


Saffron revolution

Solar Energy

Amber / Sweet Revolution

Honey Bees

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