Spices Crops Quiz Questions – 2

Spice Crops

Spices Crops Quiz

Spices Crops Quiz for the agriculture exam preparation IBPS AFO, Agriculture Officer, ICAR JRF, ASRB NET and other exams.

1. What is the appropriate indicator for harvesting nutmeg?

A. Fruits that are splitting

B. Pale yellow fruits

C. Green and mature fruits

D. None of the above

(A) Fruits that are splitting


2. What is the botanical name for clove?

A. Syzygium aromaticum

B. Myristica fragrans

C. Cinnamomum zeylanicum

D. None of the above

(A) Syzygium aromaticum


3. Rio de Janeiro is a variety of which spice?

A. Cardamom

B. Turmeric

C. Ginger

D. Black Pepper

(C) Ginger 


4. What is the botanical name of cumin?

A. Trigonella foenum graecum

B. Cuminum cyminum

C. Foeniculum vulgare

D. Coriandrum sativum

(B) Cuminum cyminum


5. A beverage called Kumel is made from?

A. Cumin

B. Coriander

C. Fennel

D. Fenugreek

(A) Cumin

Spices Crops Quiz

6. What causes cumin fragrance?

A. Eugenol

B. Cuminol

C. Oleoresin

D. Fenchone

(B) Cuminol


7. Bitterness in fennel is due to

A. Eugenol

B. Cuminol

C. Oleoresin

D. Fenchone

(D) Fenchone


Spice Crops Quiz

8. Which is the major weed of cumin?

A. Argemone Mexicana

B. Plantago ovate

C. Plantago pumila

D. Cynadon dectylon

(C) Plantago pumila


9. Which of the following is the variety of Kasuri fenugreek?

A. Rajendra Khushboo

B. Rajendra Ragini

C. Hisar Sonali

D. Pusa Early Bunching

(D) Pusa Early Bunching


10. What is the botanical name of European fennel?

A. Foeniculum vulgare

B. Foeniculum dulce

C. Plantago ovate

D. None of the following

(B) Foeniculum dulce


Multiple choice questions on spices

11. Match the correct followings coriander varieties:

A. Sadhna  (I) Small Seeded variety

B. Karan करण  (II) Suitable for green leaves

C. S-28 and S-52  (III) Resistant to whitefly

(1). A-III 2-I C-II
(2). A-I 2-II C-III
(3). A-III B-II C-I
(4). A-II B-II C-III

(1) A-III 2-I C-II


12. Which statement is correct?

Statement-I: Essential oil in cumin is 2.5-3.5%

Statement-II: Essential oil in fenugreek is 0.4%

Statement-III: Essential oil in fennel is 0.7-1.2%

A. I and II only

B. I and III only

C. All statements are correct

D. All statements are incorrect

(C) All statements are correct


13. Choose correct statement

Statement-1 Shugri or Gondima is disorder which is due to deficiency of Ca in Coriander.

Statement-2 Zinfandel or Zin is a type of wine which is prepared from the fermentation of coriander.

A. Both Correct

B. Both Incorrect

C. Only I

D. Only II

(D) Only II


Spices quiz questions and answers

14. Choose correct statement

Statement-1 Kasuri methi are dried fenugreek leaves that are used widely in Indian cooking. Seed rate for kasuri methi is 10 kg/hac.

Statement-2 Lucknowi, which is a dessert prepared from fennel, is prepared by plucking fennel in its unmature state.

A. Both Correct

B. Both Incorrect

C. Only I

D. Only II

(A) Both Correct


15. Match the correct followings varieties:

(A) Malabar Excel  (I) Black Pepper

(B) Vijetha and Avinash  (II) Cardamom

(C) Himgiri and Surari  (III) Ginger

(C) Alleppey and Suguna  (III) Turmeric

(1). A-III 2-I C-II D-IV

(2). A-I 2-II C-III D-IV

(3). A-III B-II C-I D-IV


(2) A-I 2-II C-III D-IV


Spice Crops Questions

16. Choose correct statement

Statement-1 Seed spices, often termed “high-value, low-volume crops,” represent the most profitable agricultural commodities in the arid and semi-arid regions of India.

Statement-II Ajwain also known as carom seed. It is an annual herbaceous plant bearing small egg shaped grayish brown fruits.

Statement-III Nigella is also called Kalonji and Kalajeera is improved variety of Nigella.

A. All statements are Correct

B. Only I and III

C. Only I and II

D. Only II and III

(A) All statements are Correct


17. Which of the following spices is most affected by frost?

A. Cumin

B. Coriander

C. Fenugreek

D. Fennel

(B) Coriander


Spices crops important questions

18. The place of origin of fennel is?

A. Iran and the Mediterranean

B. South-Eastern Europe and South-Western Asia

C. South-Western Europe

D. Iraq

(C) South-Western Europe


19. Polyembryony found in which spice crop?

A. Black Pepper

B. Curry leaf

C. Cumin

D. Coriander

(B) Curry leaf


20. Which of the following statement is correct

Statement 1: Chilies are pungent in nature.

Statement 2: Chilies are pungent due to the presence of the compound capsaicin.

A. True, False

B. True, True

C. False, False

D. False, True

(B) True, True

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