Farm Power and Machinery ICAR E-Course Free PDF Download

Farm Power and Machinery ICAR E-Course Free PDF Download

Download the free B.Sc. Agriculture ICAR E-Course PDF of Farm Power and Machinery. Download the pdf of Farm Power and Machinery e Krishi Shiksha.

Topics Name of Farm Power and Machinery pdf e-course.

  1. Farm Power in India
  2. Two-stroke and Four-stroke engines Working Principles
  3. Different Systems of IC Engine
  4. Tractors- Types and Utilities
  5. Tillage- Objectives and Types, Furrow Terminology and Methods of Ploughing, Field capacity, and Field Efficiency
  6. Primary Tillage- Objectives, Mould Board Plough, Disc Plough, Subsoiler, Components and Functions, Types, Advantages, and Disadvantages
  7. Secondary Tillage Equipment- Harrows, Land Forming Equipment- Rotavators- Wetland equipment – Puddlers and Manure tramplers- cage wheels
  8. Sowing methods- Seed drills, Seed cum Fertilizer drill components, and functions
  9. Paddy Transplanters, Types, Working Principle, Field, and Nursery requirement
  10. Implements for Intercultural Operations- Hoes, Long Handled weeders, Cultivators, and Rotary Tillers
  11. Sprayers and Their Functions, Classification, Manually Operated Sprayers, Power Sprayers, Dusters, Types and Uses Sprayers
  12. Harvesting Tools and Equipment- Sickles, Paddy Reapers, and Combine-Harvesting Machinery for Groundnut, Tubers Crops Sugarcane Harvesters
  13. Tools for Horticultural Crops- Propagation Tools, Planters, Harvesting Tools, and Machinery
  14. Equipment for Land Development and Soil ConservationDozers, Levelers, Chisel Plough, Sub Soil Plough, Blade Harrow, Bund Former Land Leveling
  15. Cost of Operation of Farm Machinery- Problem Solving
  16. Tractor and Implement Selection for Different Agricultural Operations

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