TNAU Notes Download – TNAU Study Material

TNAU Notes Download – TNAU Study Material

Attention all Agriculture students! Tamil Nadu Agricultural University provides notes for B.Sc. Agriculture students as reference material for their studies. These notes cover various topics in the field of agriculture, including crop production, soil science, plant pathology, entomology, agricultural engineering, and more. The TNAU Notes PDF are comprehensive and include detailed explanations of the concepts, […]

Farm Power and Machinery ICAR E-Course Free PDF Download

Download the free B.Sc. Agriculture ICAR E-Course PDF of Farm Power and Machinery. Download the pdf of Farm Power and Machinery e Krishi Shiksha. Topics Name of Farm Power and Machinery pdf e-course. Farm Power in India Two-stroke and Four-stroke engines Working Principles Different Systems of IC Engine Tractors- Types and Utilities Tillage- Objectives and Types, […]

Agricultural Finance & Cooperation ICAR E-Course PDF Download

Download the free ICAR E-Course PDF of Agricultural Finance & Cooperation with content index. Content index of Agricultural Finance & Cooperation PDF Agricultural Finance: Nature and Scope Time Value of Money Agricultural Credit – Meaning, Definition, Need, and Classification Credit Analysis History of Financing Agriculture in India Commercial Banks Regional Rural Banks Higher Financing Institutions […]

ICAR e-Course B.Sc. Agriculture PDF Notes Download

BSc Agriculture PDF Notes Download the complete ICAR e-course PDF for B.Sc. Agriculture. Whole semester e-course pdf for B.Sc. Agriculture. Development of e-courses / e-Krishi Shiksha for B.Sc. Agriculture. ICAR e-course for B.Sc. Agriculture is developed with the financial help of the National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP).  ICAR e-courses for B.Sc. Agriculture is developed by […]