Crop Physiology B.Sc. Agriculture ICAR E-Course PDF Download

Crop Physiology B.Sc. Agriculture ICAR E-Course PDF Download

Download the free B.Sc. Agriculture ICAR E-Course PDF of Crop Physiology with content index. Download the pdf of Crop Physiology e Krishi Shiksha.

Topics Name of Crop Physiology pdf e-course.

  1. Introduction
  2. Role and significance of water
  3. Field capacity, Available soil water, and permanent wilting point
  4. Absorption of water – Mode of Water Absorption – Active and Passive Absorption and Factors Affecting Absorption
  5. Translocation of Solutes
  6. Transpiration
  7. Mineral Nutrition
  8. Physiological Role of Nutrients
  9. Foliar diagnosis – Nutritional and Physiological disorders
  10. Photosynthesis
  11. Photosynthetic pathways – C3, C4, and CAM.
  12. Respiration
  13. Krebs Cycle
  14. Protein and Fat Synthesis
  15. Photoperiodism
  16. Transmission of Stimulus – Theories of Flowering
  17. Source Sink Relationship
  18. Plant Growth
  19. Growth Analysis
  20. Plant Growth Regulators
  21. Practical application of plant growth regulators in crop productivity.
  22. Environmental stress
  23. Seed Germination
  24. Abscission and Senescence
  25. Global Warming

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