Introduction to Computer Applications ICAR E-Course Free PDF Download

Introduction to Computer Applications ICAR E-Course Free PDF Download

Download the Agriculture E-Course pdf of Introduction to Computer Applications for B.Sc. Agriculture. PDF of Introduction to Computer Applications e-Krishi Shiksha pdf for B.Sc. Agriculture is systematically arranged with a content index.

Name of Topic in E-Course pdf of Introduction to Computer Applications for B.Sc. Agriculture.

  1. Introduction to Computers, Anatomy of Computers, Input and Output Devices
  2. Units of Memory, Hardware, Software and Classification of Computers
  3. Personal Computers, Types of Processors, Booting of Computers- Warm and Cold Booting
  4. Computers Viruses, Worms and Vaccines
  5. Operating systems- Some Fundamental DOS Commands, Rules for naming files in DOS, and Types of Files
  6. Windows: GUI, Desktop and its element, Windows Explorer, Working with files and folders, Setting time and date, Starting and Shutting down Windows
  7. MSWORD; word-processing and units of the document, features of word-processing package. Creating
  8. MS-EXCEL; Electronic Spreadsheets- Concepts, Package. Creating, Editing, and Saving a spreadsheet with MXEXCEL
  9. Use of in-built functions and writing expressions
  10. Data Analysis Tools – Correlation and Regression, t-test for two samples, and Anova with One-Way classification
  11. t-Test for two samples and ANOVA with One- Way Classification
  12. Creating Graphs
  13. Msaccess; Concept of Database –Units of database, Creating Database
  14. Principles of Programming; Flow Charts, illustrations through examples
  15. Internet; Worldwide Web (WWW), Concepts
  16. Web Browsing and Electronic Mail

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