Production Economics & Farm Management ICAR E-Course PDF Download

Production Economics & Farm Management ICAR E-Course PDF Download

Download the Agriculture E-Course pdf of Production Economics & Farm Management for B.Sc. Agriculture. PDF of Production Economics & Farm Management e-Krishi Shiksha pdf for B.Sc. Agriculture is systematically arranged with a content index.

Name of Topic in E-Course pdf of Production Economics & Farm Management for B.Sc. Agriculture.

Agronomy JRF

  1. Introduction to Farm Management
  2. Farm management decision-making process, Production, operational, strategic, administrative, and marketing management decisions.
  3. Basic concepts in farm management. Production, types of resources, choice indicators, costs, revenue, profit, total, average & marginal concepts.
  4. Factor – Product relationship – Production function – definition & types – linear, quadratic & Cobb- Douglas functions – Impact of technology.
  5. Law of diminishing returns – 3 regions of production
  6. Cost concepts & interrelations – Optimum level of input use and optimum production
  7. Economies of scale – external and internal economies and diseconomies – Returns to scale
  8. Factor – Factor relationship – Principle of substitution – isoquant, isocline
  9. Expansion path, ridgeline, and least cost combination of inputs
  10. Product – Product relationship – types. Production possibility curve, iso revenue line, and the optimum combination of outputs
  11. Equi-marginal returns and Opportunity cost – comparative advantage
  12. Concepts of Risk and uncertainty – types of uncertainty in agriculture – anagerial decisions to reduce risks in the production process
  13. Management of Important Farm Resources
  14. Farm Financial Analysis – Balance sheet – Income statement – Cash flow analysis – Ratio analysis
  15. Farm Investment Analysis – Time comparison principles – Discounted and undiscounted measures.
  16. Farm planning and control – Elements of planning, objectives, steps, and formulation of farm plans – Farm-level management information systems.
  17. Farm Budgeting – partial, enterprise, and complete budgeting

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