Principles of Plant Breeding B.Sc. Agriculture ICAR E-Course PDF Download

Principles of Plant Breeding ICAR E-Course PDF Download

Download the Agriculture E-Course pdf of Principles of Plant Breeding for B.Sc. Agriculture. PDF of Principles of Plant Breeding e-Krishi Shiksha pdf for B.Sc. Agriculture is systematically arranged with a content index.

Name of Topic in E-Course pdf of Principles of Plant Breeding for B.Sc. Agriculture.

Agronomy JRF

  1. Aim and objective of plant breeding 
  2. Modes of reproduction
  3. Apomixes- classification and significance in plant breeding
  4. Modes of pollination
  5. Classification of plants
  6. Botanical description and floral biology
  7. Maize
  8. Small millets
  9. Pulses
  10. Oil seeds
  11. Cotton
  12. Emasculation and pollination techniques
  13. Maize
  14. Red gram
  15. Sugarcane
  16. Methods of breeding- introduction, and acclimatization
  17. Hybridization
  18. Back cross method and various modified methods
  19. Incompatibility and male sterility and their utilization in crops
  20. Heterosis, inbreeding depression, various theories of heterosis
  21. Population improvement programs, recurrent selection, synthetic and composites
  22. Hybrids
  23. Clonal selection
  24. Hybridization
  25. Mutation breeding
  26. Procedure for mutation breeding
  27. Applications of mutation breeding
  28. Ploidy breeding

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