Introductory Agriculture B.Sc. Agriculture ICAR E-Course Free PDF Download

Introductory Agriculture B.Sc. Agriculture ICAR E-Course PDF Download

Download the Agriculture E-Course pdf of Introductory Agriculture for B.Sc. Agriculture. PDF of Introductory Agriculture e-Krishi Shiksha pdf for B.Sc. Agriculture is systematically arranged with a content index.

Name of Topic in E-Course pdf of Introductory Agriculture for B.Sc. Agriculture.

  1. Agriculture Heritage in India
  2. Development of Human Culture and the Beginning of Agriculture
  3. Indus Civilization
  4. Status of Farmers in Society during Indus, Buddhist, Mauryan, Gupta, and Sangam
  5. Kautilya’s Artha-Sastra, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Commodity Trade, etc.- Features of Village
  6. Agriculture in the Sangam Literature of Tamil Nadu
  7. Astronomy- Prediction of Monsoon Rains; Parashara, Varamihira, and Panchanga in comparison to Modern Methods
  8. Ancient Soil Classification and Maintenance of Soil Productivity
  9. Water harvesting and irrigation developments during different periods- Water StorageDistribution and relevance to modern agriculture
  10. Plant protection in Ancient Period- ITK- HarvestingThreshing and storage
  11. Crops- Indigenous and Introduced- History of Rice, Sugarcane, and Cotton
  12. Gardening in Ancient and Medival Period- Arbori Horticulture- Orchards
  13. Traditional Technical Knowledge
  14. Vegetable Farming –Floriculture- Perfumes and Medicinal Plants
  15. Role of Cattle and Others domestic animal management of cattle for draught and MilkIndigenous Breeds
  16. Description of Indian Civilization and Agriculture by travellers from China, Europe, and USA
  17. Our Journey in Agriculture and Vision for the future

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