Guava: Diseases, Symptoms and their Management

Diseases of Guava

1. Guava Wilt

Causal Organism:  Fungus; Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. psidii


  • Guava Diseases wilt a serious disease, is occasionally found, particularly in alkaline soils.
  • Browning and wilting of the leaves, discolouration of the stem, and mortality of the branches on one side are the signs.
  • The emergence of yellow colouration with mild curling of the leaves of the terminal branches is the first visible indication of the disease.
  • All of the damaged branches’ fruits remain undeveloped, hard, and rocky.
  • Sometimes the infection encircles the entire stem, causing the plant to wilt.


  • At 15 days, saturate the soil with Brasicol and spray Bavistin (0.1%) around the roots and leaves to reduce infection.

2. Anthracnose

Causal Organism:  Fungus; Gloesporium psidii, Glomerella psidii


  • The affected plants showed signs of die back from the tip of the branch.
  • Young shoots, leaves, and fruits are easily connected while still delicate.


  • Spraying the trees with Copper Oxychloride, Cuprous Oxide or Difolatan controls the disease.
  • Application of a bioagent, Streptosporangium pseudovulgare, to fruits prior to symptom development.

3. Cercospora Leaf Spot

Causal Organism:  Fungus; Cercospora sawadae


  • Guava diseases, Leaf spot appears, and Water-soaked patches under the leaf are the characteristic symptoms of the disease.
  • The older leaves are the most damaged, and the badly impacted leaves curl and fall off.


  • Spraying copper oxychloride at 0.3 per cent can reduce the infection.

4. Guava Scab / Guava Canker

Causal Organism:  Fungus; Pestalotia psidii


  • The fungus mainly attacks the unripe fruits to produce dark scabby lesions, 2-4mm in diameter.
  • The scab disfigures the fruits and their market value is considerably reduced.


  • Application of Zineb 20g or Chlorthalonil-20g/10 litres of water during flowering, followed by 15-day interval sprays, aids in disease management.

5. Guava Red Rust

Causal Organism:  Algae; Cephaleuros virescens


  • During the early spring flush, algae affect immature guava leaves.
  • Spots on leaves can range from specks to large swaths.
  • The disease appears in April and becomes more severe from May through August.


  • Sprays of Copper oxychloride (0.3%) at 15-day intervals can be used to manage alga.

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