Animal Husbandry Important Questions – 01

Animal Husbandry Questions

Animal Husbandry Important Questions, Animal Husbandry Questions

1. Where is the National Dairy Development Board located?

(a) Hisar (Haryana)

(b) Karnal (Haryana)

(c) Anand (Gujarat)

(d) New Delhi

(c) Anand (Gujarat)


2. What is the rank of India in milk production?

(a) Ist

(b) IInd

(c) IIIrd

(d) IVth

(a) Ist


3. According to ICMR, how many eggs should each person eat?

(a) 180 eggs/person/day

(b) 79 eggs/person/ year

(c) 300 eggs/person/ year

(d) 180 eggs/person/ year

(d) 180 eggs/person/ year


4. At what age is docking done?

(a) 7-14 weeks

(b) 1-2 weeks

(c) 7-14 days

(d) b & c both

(d) b & c both


5. The separation of a disease-affected cow from a herd of cows is called?

(a) Selection

(b) Casting

(c) Culling

(d) Caving

(c) Culling


6. Chickens raised for meat are called?

(a) Broiler

(b) Layers

(c) Roasters

(d) a & c both

(d) a & c both


7. At what age does the first ring appear on the horns of a buffalo?

(a) 2 Year

(b) 4 Year

(c) 5 Year

(d) 3 Year

(d) 3 Year


8. How many kg body weight of cow, buffalo heifer should be breeding for the first time?

(a) 400-500 gram

(b) 250-270 Q

(c) 250-270 kg

(d) 400 kg

(c) 250-270 kg


9. How many parts is the stomach of a Pseduruminant animal divided?

(a) 1

(b) 3

(c) 1

(d) 5

(b) 3


10. The chemical method is best method of disbudding/ dehorning, which chemical is used in this method?

(a) KOH

(b) NaCl

(c) NaOH

(d) a & c Both

(d) a & c Both


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