Scientific Name of Cereals

Cereals Scientific Name and Family

Cereals are an essential part of our daily diet, cereals are rich source of carbohydrate which is essential source of energy in animals and it’s accounting for the majority of the world’s food supply. World’s major cereal crop is wheat. They are an essential aspect of human nutrition, from breakfast cereals to the grains that form the base of bread, rice, and pasta. Cereals, in addition to their culinary significance, have scientific names that give light on their taxonomy and origin.

We’ve created a thorough list of scientific names for cereal crops to provide you with a reputable resource. In this blog, we mentioned the scientific names of cereal crops.

List of Scientific Name of Cereals

Cereals Crops

Botanical name


Oryza sativa


Triticum aestivum

Spelt wheat

Triticum spelta

Durum wheat

Triticum durum

Emmer Wheat

Triticum dicoccon


Hordeum vulgare

Bajra (Pearl millet)

Pennisetum americanum

Sorghum, guinea corn

Sorghum bicolor

Corn (maize)

Zea mays

Corn for salad

Valerianellalo custa

Finger millet/ Ragi/Mandu

Eleusine coracana

Foxtail millet/ Kakun/ Kangni

Setaria italic

Barnyard millet/ Sanwa/ Jhangora

Echinochloa frumentacea

Little millet/ Kutki

Panicum sumatrense

Kodo millet

Paspalum scrobiculatum

Proso millet/ Cheena

Panicum miliaceum

Japanese millet

Echinochloa esculenta

Brown top millet

Brachiaria ramosa

Crap grass

Digitaria cruciate

Jobs tear millet

Coix lacryma

Buck wheat/ Kuttu

Fagopyrum esculentum & F. tataricum


Secale cereal

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