Basic Horticulture Part-05

Welcome to your Basic Horticulture Part-05

Term Stenospermocarpy coined by?

Maximum area under hydroponics?

True Hydroponics system is?

Osmotic regulator plant nutrient is?

Which country consumed maximum organic produce?

Hormone is word of ....... language.

Choose the right statement:(1) Thiman suggest name Phytoharmon.(2) Only natural occurring Auxin is IAA.

Which PGR enhance the flow of latex in rubber plant?

Example of inorganic mulch?

pH of moss peat is?

Flavr Savr variety of tomato developed in1994 at

1st transgenic engineering company is?

Leading transgenic crops in the World?

Chemical name of Vitamin K?

Precursor of Abscisic acid (ABA)?

Apical dominancy was discovered by?

Leading organic farming country in the World?

Azotobacter fix nitrogen about?

Which plant nutrient is known as "Key Element of Respiration"?

Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology (IICPT) is situated at?

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