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Difference Between Weather and Climate

Difference Between Weather and Climate

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Instantaneous physical state of atmosphere at particular place.

Normal physical state or generated condition of atmosphere or long term average condition of a place.


Weather changes refer to specific instant of time (day or week)

It is generalized over a longer span of time and for a longer area.


It is expressed in terms of numerical values of meteorological elements.

It is expressed in terms of time averages and area averages of meteorological elements.


Weather is measured in observatory. So the observatory must be at a place for which weather is to be described.

This is derived information on regional basis. So scripts of observatories extending over a region are necessary.


No statistical treatment is applied to the meteorological elements. They are used as observed and hence always changing.

Application of statistical method over a longer period. It is more or less stable with few random changes.


It provides meteorological information.

It constitutes geographical information in respect of weather.


Weather of two places having same numerical value must be same.

Climate of the two places having the same averages of weather cannot be same, because their distribution over the years may be different.


Weather can be categorized as fair, unfair, excellent etc.

Climate is classified as desert climate, marine climate, tropical climate etc.


Weather decides the success or failure of a crop in a particular season.

Climate decides the type of crop suitable for a region, while introducing new crops climate is considered.


Adverse weather results into crop failure or loss and warrants short term contingent planning.

Climate is considered in long terms agricultural planning.

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