Best Books for ICAR JRF Forestry

Best Books for Forestry JRF

Best books for ICAR JRF in Forestry. If any students preparing for JRF Forestry students must read these subjects 1. Forest Production & Utilization 2. Silviculture & Agroforestry 3. Tree Physiology and Breeding 4. Agroforestry 5. Forest Management & Utilization 6. Plantation Technology 7. Wild Life Science (Forestry) 8. Wood Science.

These are some of best books for ICAR JRF Forestry. 

1. Agroforestry by Chundawat – BUY NOW
2. Silviculture by L.S khanna – BUY NOW
3. Forest Mensuration by chaturvedi – BUY NOW
4. Forest Management by Ram Prakash – BUY NOW
5. Forest products and Utilization by T. Mehta – BUY NOW
6. Tree Improvement – BUY NOW
7. Environmental Science by P.D Sharma – BUY NOW
8. Wood Science and Technology by S.S Negi – BUY NOW
9. Economics (Productivity) 
10. Indian Forestry – BUY NOW
11. Competitive Forestry (Objective) by Uttappa – BUY NOW
12. Universal Forestry by Mohit Hussain – BUY NOW

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