Best Low Light Indoor Plants


It requires Low to bright indirect light and watering once in  a week. Spider plants are easy to care.

Spider Plant

Snake plants are well-for being low maintenance indoor plant. This plant prefers to grow in low light

Snake Plant

Pothos is a popular houseplant since it is easy to care for in a variety of growing environments. It requires humidity.


They should be planted in a well-draining peat moss medium and in moist areas such as the bathroom.

Boston Fern

English ivy thrives well in low to moderate light settings, but make sure to let the soil dry out between waterings to avoid getting too damp for the plant to flourish.

English Ivy

ZZ plants know for glossy leaves that appear too good. These low-maintenance plants thrive in indirect or low light, while direct sunlight can cause leaf burning or yellowing.

ZZ Plant

Peace Lilies are well-known for their lush green foliage and the capacity to produce stunning white blossoms. They will only blossom if they are exposed to at least six hours of light.

Peace Lily