7 Most Expensive Rice in the World

by Sonu Verma

Rice is the staple food in the world. Let's look at the world's most expensive rice in the world. It is rich source of carbohydrates.

1. Kinmemai Premium: It costs 109 $/kg. This outstanding rice is meticulously produced from five award-winning rice varietals collected from various regions of Japan.

2. Tropics Toasted Young Rice: It costs 75 $/kg. Its distinctive preparation requires harvesting the rice grains early and toasting them to obtain a light and crispy texture.

3. Thooyamalli Rice: It costs 64 $/kg. It is ideal for making a variety of rice meals like biriyani.

4. Mappillai Samba Rice: It costs 60 $/kg. This cultivar is well-known for its nutritional benefits and distinct traits.  The presence of natural pigments in the bran layer of the grain.

5. Rajamudi Organics: It costs 54 $/kg. Organic black rice, known for its rich black colour that turns deep purple when cooked, is a nutritional powerhouse.

6. Kuromai Black Rice: It costs 52 $/kg. This rice's fascinating black-purple colour is due to its high anthocyanin content, it is known for its significant antioxidant qualities.

7. Calasparra Rice: It costs 37 $/kg. The first non-Asian product in our rankings. The location is good for rice farming due to the utilisation of terrace irrigation and well-drained soil.