7 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Sonu Verma

7 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

7 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Pothos: It is an easy-care vining plant with heart-shaped leaves that is one of the best indoor plants for low-light environments.

Peace Lily: Peace lily, another favourite office plant, is a low-maintenance indoor plant that tolerates poor light, low humidity, and sporadic watering.

Snake Plant: It is a hardy succulent that thrives in any indoor environment. Its sword-shaped erect, leathery leaves are generally marbled with gray-green colours.

Jade Plant: The jade plant, which has green, thick leaves and soft stems, is another easy succulent to indoor plant. This houseplant enjoys direct sunlight but may tolerate moderate shade.

Dracaena: The majority grow extremely upright, with long, straplike leaves that are variegated in white, cream, or crimson. The tips of their leaves often get brown and crispy in low humidity.

Philodendron: Split-leaf philodendron, which looks similar to monstera, has become increasingly popular in recent years. They are all lovely, low-maintenance houseplants.

Money Plant: Leaves resemble those of schefflera or umbrella plant, offering a tropical flair to any environment. This indoor tree is simple to nurture, but it thrives with continuous watering.