7 Indoor Plants to Bring Home this Diwali

by Sonu Verma

Snake Plant: It does not require high maintenance and are easy to maintain. These can survive without water for several days and is also for low-light.

Aloe Vera: In many households, aloe vera is a favorite plant. Place this plant in a well lit area of your home, and it will blossom profusely.

Orchids: The orchid plant is unquestionably the best option. Although these plants require some upkeep, they are certainly visually appealing. They are also known to be air purifiers.

Money Plants: Money plants are another popular choice in many people's homes. They may grow in both water and soil. However, while immersed in water, the water should be replaced on a regular basis.

Areca Plant: In the case of indoor plants, areca palms are often sold as clustered plants in small pots. They require intense light and are sensitive to fertilizer salt buildup.

Peace lily: Peace lilies can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other places. They have a refined and delicate appearance and may live in low-light circumstances.

English Ivy: English ivy thrives in small pots and looks fantastic in hanging baskets. They prefer to be surrounded by people. A cutting can even be propagated in water for a few days.