7 Easy-Care Houseplants With Low Watering Needs

by Sonu Verma

It is a low-maintenance houseplant with waxy, often highly textured leaves. Its waxy, vibrant leaves give a dash of colour to any decor while taking up little space.


It has more deeply cut leaves than other species of grape ivy. For vertical display, its tendrils will easily attach to a trellis or pole.

Grape Ivy

Lower branches become brown and break off when exposed to low light. The smooth texture of this plant adds a cosy, woodsy vibe to any environment.

Norfolk Island Pine

The leaves of this plant are a variety of silver, grey, green, and even pink and red, making it a fantastic choice for brightening up low-light parts of your home.

Chinese Evergreen

Dieffenbachia refers to several closely related species that all have canelike stems and beautiful green foliage that is variegated in white or cream. 


This little succulent plant appears to be almost indestructible. Snake plant can survive low light and little water while still looking beautiful.

Snake Plant

With its glossy, heart-shaped foliage and draped tendrils, a heart-leaf philodendron is just charming. It also adapts well to low-light conditions and doesn't mind.