7 Indoor Plants for Bedroom

Sonu Verma

English Ivy: English ivy is good choice for the bedroom because it emits oxygen and absorbs air pollutants such as formaldehyde and ammonia.

Snake Plant: It's been a favourite houseplant for decades since it's so difficult to kill - all it needs is indirect light and a little water.

Aloe Vera: The tropical succulent with thick leaves and spiky edges doesn't need water frequently, but it does need bright light, so place it on your bedroom windowsill.

Pothos: It enjoys bright light but can withstand low light. Just be sure to let it dry completely between waterings.

Philodendron: Place it in mid-bright to indirect sunshine and water it once or twice a week. Find the ideal planter, and you'll have the ideal bedside plant.

Monstera: It is a simple growing alternative that requires moderate light and watering once a week.

Peace Lily: Toxins and allergies are easily removed from the air by peace lilies.  It grows best in a well-lit bedroom and should be watered regularly.