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All 1st Incidence in Horticulture with one liners   1st Intergeneric Hybrid b/w Radish & Cabbage by Karpechenko in 1927 in Russia 1st Proposed “Ideotype” by Donald in 1968 1st coined “Homeostasis” by Lerner in 1954 1st suggested Use of Synthetic Hybrid in Commercial Cultivation in maize – Hayes and Garber in 1919 1st Discovered […]

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The Indian Council of Agricultural Research All India Entrance Examination for Admission to Postgraduate (ICAR AIEEA PG) is a yearly entrance examination that provides an opportunity for individuals who have completed their Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture or a related field to pursue postgraduate studies in the field of Horticulture. The exam is conducted by the […]