Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management BSc Horticulture PDF Download

Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management PDF Download

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Download the free BSc Horticulture ICAR E-Course PDF notes of Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management with content index. Download the pdf of Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management e Krishi Shiksha.

Content Index of BSc Horticulture Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management pdf e-course.

  1. Importance of Soil fertility
  2. Soil productivity
  3. Plant nutrients
  4. Functions and Deficiency symptoms of essential nutrient elements
  5. Functions & Deficiency symptoms of Secondary Nutrients
  6. Function and Deficiency Symptom of Micronutrients
  7. Consumption of nutrients & Nutrient Interactions
  8. Availability of Nutrients
  9. Transformation & Availability of Nutrients in the soil
  10. Acid soil and Calcareous soil
  11. Salt affected soils
  12. Alkali soils
  13. Soil fertility evaluation
  14. Soil Testing
  15. Organic matter and its composition
  16. Role of Organic matter decomposition
  17. Fertilizers
  18. Methods of Fertilizer Application
  19. Integrated Plant Nutrient Management System (IPNMS)
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