Principles of Plant Breeding BSc Horticulture PDF Download

BSc Horticulture PDF Download

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Download the free BSc Horticulture Notes PDF, and ICAR E-Course PDF notes of Principles of Plant Breeding with content index. Download the pdf of Principles of Plant Breeding e Krishi Shiksha. Principles of Plant Breeding PDF by ICAR.

Content Index of BSc Horticulture Principles of Plant Breeding pdf e-course.

  1. Introduction to Plant Breeding
  2. Disciplines for Plant Breeding
  3. Plant Breeding in India
  4. Germplasm, Kinds of Germplasm, Centers of Origin, Plant Explorations
  5. Methods of conservation, Acclimatization, Germplasm utilization
  6. Reproduction and Pollination Systems in Plants
  7. Self-incompatibility
  8. Apomixis
  9. Self-pollination
  10. Qualitative and quantitative characters
  11. Male Sterility
  12. Breeding methods for self-pollinated crops
  13. Pure line selection, Mass selection
  14. Hybridization and Pedigree Method
  15. Bulk Method
  16. Backcross Breeding
  17. Hardy Weinberg law
  18. Systems of mating
  19. Inbreeding & Heterosis
  20. Development and Evaluation of Inbreeds
  21. Synthetic & Composite variety
  22. Mass selection and Progeny testing
  23. Recurrent selection and types
  24. Breeding methods for asexual crops
  25. Mutation Breeding
  26. Polyploidy Breeding
  27. Plant Tissue Culture
  28. Biotechnology in Plant Breeding
  29. Intellectual property rights and Varietal release
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