Important Mango Species and their Characteristics


The mango tree is a tropical fruit tree in the Anacardiaceae family. It originated in South Asia (Indo-Burma) and is currently grown all over the world in tropical and subtropical regions. The genus Mangifera has around 49 species, of which 8 are questionable and 41 are genuine.

The word mango, which is nearly identical in several languages, is originated from Tamil and was brought to the West by the Portuguese. In Tamil, the word for “mango” is mamaran, although the fruit is typically referred to as manpalam. Its numerous kinds and species provide a wide variety of flavours, forms, and colours, making it a popular and economically significant fruit. Different species of mango and their important characteristics are motioned in blog:

Important Mango Species

Mango Species



1. Mangifera indica

- Several edible fruit-bearing species are found in the genus Mangifera.

- Mangifera indica is the plant that produces the majority of the fruit trees known as mangoes.

- Mangifera indica species of mango is grown commercially worldwide.

- India is the largest producer of mango in the World.

2. Mangifera pajang

- Mangifera pajang is sometimes known as wild mango.

- Mangifera pajang is related to Mangifera foetida, but has longer leaves, more visible nerves, larger brown fruits, and purple inner petals rather than pink.

- Fruits are easily peeled like banana.

3. Mangifera foetida

- Horse mango, malmut, limus, bachang, and machang are all names for Mangifera foetida.

- It is widespread in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

4. Mangifera similis

- Endemic to Indenesia.
- Used in breeding for seedless mango.

5. Mangifera magnifica

Its fruits are free from fiber.
- It is known as Machang Pulasan.

6. Mangifera altissima

- Commonly called as pahutan, paho, or pajo.
- Resistant to leaf hoppers.

7. Mangifera caesia

- Called as jack or white mango, among other things.

- It is related to the mango and is commonly cultivated in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines.

8. Mangifera odorata

- It is commonly called Kuwini.
- Fruit contains highest TSS (21%).

9. Mangifera casturi

- Also called Kalimantan mango or kasturi.

10. Mangifera sylvatica

- Also called the Himalayan mango, pickling mango, or Nepal mango.

- Found in SE Asia.

11. Mangifera torquenda

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