Introductory Economics BSc Horticulture PDF Notes

Introductory Economics BSc Horticulture PDF Download

ICAR E-Course Horticulture

Download the free BSc Horticulture ICAR E-Course PDF notes of Introductory Economics with content index. Download the pdf of Introductory Economics e Krishi Shiksha.

Content Index of BSc Horticulture Introductory Economics pdf e-course.

  1. Introductory economics
  2. Economics as a science
  3. Consumption
  4. Utility analysis
  5. Indifference curve
  6. Assumption and properties of indifference curve
  7. Income effect
  8. Demand
  9. Demand analysis
  10. Elasticity of demand
  11. Measurement of elasticity of demand
  12. Supply
  13. Introduction to cost concept
  14. Short run cost
  15. Long run costs
  16. Introduction to consumers surplus
  17. Introduction to the theory of production
  18. Laws of variable input
  19. Introduction to production- land & labor
  20. Introduction to Capital
  21. Introduction to enterprises
  22. Introduction of market
  23. Classification of market
  24. Price determination
  25. Introduction to the theory of factor pricing
  26. Introduction to the theory of Rent
  27. Introduction to wages and Theory of Labour
  28. Introduction to capital and Keyness’s liquidity preference theory of interest
  29. Concept of Profit
  30. GNP & NNP

Download the Introductory Economics ICAR e Krishi Shiksha pdf for BSc Horticulture Ist Year.

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