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Environmental Science

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Download the free B.Sc. Horticulture ICAR E-Course PDF of Environmental Science PDF Notes. Download the pdf of Environmental Science e Krishi Shiksha. Get Environmental Science PDF Notes for B.Sc Horticulture. Get e krishi shiksha horticulture pdf.

Topics Name of Environmental Science pdf e-course.

  1. Scope and Importance of Environmental Studies
  2. Natural resources: Renewable and Nonrenewable resources, Land and Water Resources
  3. Natural Resources; Forest, Wildlife, Energy and Food Resources
  4. Ecosystems; Definition, Concept, Structure, and Functions
  5. Producers, Consumers and Decomposers, Energy flow, Types of ecosystems
  6. Bio-diversity; Definition, Classification, Threats to biodiversity and its conservation
  7. Environmental Pollution; Causes, Effects, and Control Air
  8. Global Warming and Climate Change
  9. Causes, Effects, and Control of Water and Marine Pollution
  10. Causes, Effects, and Control of Soil Pollination
  11. Causes, Effects, and Control of Noise and Thermal Pollution
  12. Causes, Effects, and Control of Nuclear Hazards and Industrial Wastes
  13. Disaster management, Flood, Earthquake, Cyclones, and Landslides
  14. Social issues and the environment, unsustainable to sustainable development
  15. The Environment Protection Act, The Air Act, The Water Act, The Wildlife Protection Act, and the Forest Conservation Act
  16. National and State level organization environmental Laws and Acts- Environmental Education-CDM
  17. Women and Child Welfare, HV\AIDS and Role of information technology on Environment and Human health.

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