Aonla: Diseases, Symptoms and their Management

Diseases of Aonla

Anola Diseases

1. Rust

Causal organism: Fungus; Revenelia emblicae.


  • Initially, a few black pustules form on the fruits, which later expand into a ring.
  • The pustules connect and cover a large region of the fruit.
  • After rupturing a papery coating, the black spores are revealed.
  • It is believed that fruit infection does not spread to the leaves.


  • Spray of Chlorothalonil @ 0.2 % reduced the disease up to 69.75 percent. Three sprays of wettable sulphur (0.4%), and Zineb (0.2%) during July and September.

2. Sooty Mould

Causal organism: Fungus; Capnodium spp.


  • Sooty mould anola diseases cause a velvety covering of black fungal growth on the surface of leaves, twigs and flowers.


  • Spray starch @ 2%, lambda-cyhalothrin @ 0.05% and wettable sulphur @ 0.2% can be mixed in starch if the infection is more.

3. Blue Mould

Causal organism: Fungus; Penicilium citrinum.


  • It generates brown blotches and water-soaked places on the surface of the fruit.
  • As the condition advances, three distinct colours emerge in succession: bright yellow, purple-brown, and lastly bluish-green.
  • Drops of yellowish liquid are flowing from the fruit’s surface.
  • The fruits have a foul scent and eventually, take on a bluish-green beaded look.


  • Treatment of fruits with borax or sodium chloride (1%) checks the blue mould infection.
  • Treatment with carbendazim or thiophanate methyl 0.1% after harvest.

4. Soft Rot

Causal organism: Fungus; Phomopsis phyllanthi.


  • Within 2-3 days of infection, smoke brown to black circular lesions appear.
  • The infected regions eventually turn olive brown, with water-saturated areas extending towards both ends of the fruits, giving an eye shape.


  • During the month of November, fruits were treated with Difolatan (0.15%), Dithane M-45, or Bavistin (0.1%).

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